Sponsor A Kid
Winning medals at the State and National level official tournaments gives these kids access to the sports quota using which they could secure jobs and/or higher education opportunities. There are many instances where talented kids drop out of training due to poverty even before they could reach the Elite age category.
As these kids are from poor backgrounds, spending for their tournaments becomes a financial burden to their parents. Therefore, it is important to financially support them so that they can realise their full potential without poverty being an obstacle.
By sponsoring a kid, you ensure that they receive consistent, focused, and quality training to stay on track in their sports career. Thus preparing them to have a striking chance at medals in the national and international tournaments.
There are about 15 kids in GS Boxing Club, who have the potential to make it big in their boxing careers.
The estimated expenses for a year to sponsor a kid are as follows:
Expense Type
Per Annum
Per Month
What it covers?
Coaching Expenses
Covers their focused coaching (2 hours a session, 2 sessions a day, and 6 days a week) and career management expenses. This goes towards our coach’s salary, administrative and infrastructure expenses.
Equipment Expenses
Covers the purchase of necessary boxing training equipment.
Tournament Expenses
Covers the entry fees and travel expenses to TNBA and BFI official tournaments and local inter club tournaments.
Nutrition Expenses
Covers their nutrition needs during their preparation for TNBA and BFI tournaments
Tuition Expenses
Covers their tuition expenses to ensure they have a good grip on their academics.
Total Expenses
All the above
We request you to please contact us if you'd like to sponsor a kid fully or partially.
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